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What is a lace thong

Lace thongs can refer to made in all lace thongs or where the waistband only is made in the unique crisscross pattern.

Lace thongs are made popular thanks to Hanky Panky with their soft cotton stretched lace stitched thongs, made in one size fits all. French thongs can be no stretch so are therefore unwearable. Cheaper, yet more popular lace thongs are found in-store with a lace waistband with a full cotton crotch.

When one thinks about lace thongs it might put in the mind of an uncomfortable piece of fabric that is designed for torture.

And while that could be true many moons ago, that is not so much the case these days.

In fact, lace thongs make up the most popular thong styles available on the market, so for example Hanky Panky well expensive, make lace thongs famous for comfort.

If they were developed two-decades ago then it would be normal for lace thongs to only appear sexy, rather than worn for practical use.

That was because they would be made in a fabric other than cotton, there would be no stretch so will feel like wearing cheesewire - with often no cotton gusset support.

All those design flaws are long gone as modern lace thongs fit beautifully, for all body shapes.

Lace stretch waistbands prevents digging into hips, well a wide thong strap up the bum is super comfortable - there's also a cotton crotch with a cotton gusset lining.

Cheaper lace thongs in-store are all made similar, though its common for the waistband to be lace only, with a full bodied cotton stitched crotch and rear band.

Full lace are notoriously uncomfortable

Traditionally, or before a new generation of lace thongs were released by well known lingerie outlets, lace thongs were the most uncomfortable type of thong you could wear.

It wasn't so much the lace but more to do with the lack of stretch where it mattered.

For example, the strap that rides up the bum would be lace, but there was no stretch to help the strap rest in between the butt cheeks comfortable.

That led to discomfort as stretch is imperative in thongs regardless of material.

However, these days the use of lace thongs are designed with comfort in mind, so designers make that there top priority.

Stretch lace is the norm

Talking of stretch lace thongs, you will only find the most comfortable thongs made in lace now, as oppose to those with no stretching or pull of any kind.

That is if we're not talking about the fancy French lingerie style thongs; they're notoriously uncomfortable so don't fit in with what were referring to.

Only everyday thongs for casually wearing around the house or even playing sports.

Example of a well know underwear brand are Hanky Panky thongs which are all lace, but in fact are probably the most comfortable thongs in the world.

Designers have taken there cue from Hanky Panky so design the future of lace thongs in a similar style.

Lace preferred for NO VPL reasons

Lace will be incredibly comfort with stretch and only if its made in soft cotton lace, that's in keeping with the other delightful bonuses you get out of lace thongs.

If its designed right expect the lace thongs to be among the best NO VPL thongs on the market - again taking there cue from Hanky Panky.

Often the way lace thongs are stitched in the crisscross design will be made in cotton or other fabrics, so will require no seams to help support the structure.

So lace thongs in effect are the seamless underwear kind that uses this design style.

However, lace thongs will be stitched on the full body right up to the edge, so therefore there's no need to include a seams - so no seams, so a reduction in VPL.

New generation of lace thongs

Since Hanky Panky thongs took the lingerie market by storm, designers were quick to piggyback on the success by releasing there own lacey thongs.

They're not the usual lace thongs by any stretch of the mark - no pun intended - but a design that is now universally excepted.

You might of seen them in-store or online if visiting Victoria's Secret in US or Primark if in the UK.

The thong often has a wide stretch lace elasticated band that is one color, well the body in the front and back is finished in another color.

They can be mistaken for Hanky Panky thongs due to the design with the well known wide strap that goes up the rear - so do appear identical.

Always a cotton gusset

Regardless of if its a well known brand or the cheaper kind, you should expect the lace thong to be supported in the crotch with a cotton gusset lining.

Lace thongs are in most cases made in soft cotton stitch, but this is not enough to support the vagina when its needed most.

For example, the wearing of thongs on your period can reduce leakage if there's a cotton gusset present, but more importantly its all about comfort.

Soft cotton gussets help keep the lace thong comfortable throughout the day, whereas if your vagina is rubbing on a raw lace cut, it will indeed be uncomfortable.

On top of all that, a cotton gusset help absorb sweat or leakage, thus protecting your outer clothing in regards to personal hygiene.


Basically a lace thong can mean many things, these days though it refers to a Hanky Panky type lace thong or the knock-off cheaper kind.

Modern lace thongs focus more on a soft stretch cotton primarily in the rear end that rides up the bum, and around the waistband.

Without that all important stretch in a soft cotton the thong will simply be unwearable.

Stretch helps all panties be comfortable so its not just thongs which are bearable with this design style - whereas without this design the panties literally become a torture device.

Secret to Hanky Panky thongs is that it is lace cotton that allows stretch.

Whereas the cheaper kind can absolutely be comfortable, though it relies on the stretch in the thick waistband, rather than the plain cotton crotch and rear strap section.

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