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Scottish actress Karen Gillan sports visible panty lines under her short summer dress

What is VPL in knickers

If you're not familiar with the term VPL, it basically refers to a women's underwear line when it is clearly seen under outer clothing.

What VPL in knickers is the seams, or edging of knickers protruding through the outfit that covers the bottom - VPL can occur in jeans, pants or skirts. Its a US term but stands for Visible Panty Lines, or VPL for short. To hide knicker lines one would wear seamless knickers or a different knicker style.

In hearing the word VPL, its an abbreviation, or initials meaning visible panty lines, or panty lines for short.

However in the UK it still a term commonly used, but alternative British slang would refer to VPL in its full term, but using British worlds.

So in place of panty or panties, it would be visible knicker lines, or knicker lines.

What is more commonly said is the expression underwear lines, that can then refer to lines seen under male or female clothing.

VPL is seen around the bottom, or over the buttocks only, caused by the stitching of seams around the edging of knickers.

Often visible panty lines can go unnoticed, but tight or light fabrics can make it stand out, and so can knicker lines be seen under loose fitted clothing.

To avoid VPL under clothing, a women would rely on wearing a thong, but it can be combined with use of seamless, or NO VPL knickers in any styles.

VPL a US term for Visible Panty Lines

VPL is a word coined in the USA to describe when the lines of underwear is clearly seen around the bottom area.

Its a phrase referred to when a women as the issue of VPL, but not so much if the male counterpart as the same problem.

In short, VPL is an abbreviation for Visible Panty Lines - so when lines of the underwear is seen through the material of pants, jeans, skirts ...and so on.

Not often one would refer to the full term, visible panty lines, but when the initials are used VPL, it can mean VPL in knickers too.

Its a US term so it doesn't quite fit with visible knicker lines - or VKL if you like - so VPL is a universal word to describe all types of women's knickers - or panties - being seen.

British alternative saying

In the UK, where knickers is the common expression to describe a women's panty, its not as common to here VPL.

Instead, one would refer to visible panty lines as visible knicker lines in the United Kingdom, so knicker is singular - whereas VPL goes plural - as in panties.

Universally accepted is underwear lines as its seen as for all audiences, whereas the mention of knickers or panties can sound sexual.

So in the UK a women can have visible knicker lines, knicker lines or pant lines.

Not pants in sweats or jeans, but a British term that refers to women's underwear.

VPL can still be heard by fashion focused young people but its more common to see the older generation say knicker lines, underwear lines or pant lines.

Edging of knickers are seen

To be precise, what is VPL in knickers is all to do with the edging around the knickers; it could be stitching or the drop in the edging only - but it mostly refers to underwear seams.

If you're called out for having VPL, then the knickers you will probably be wearing have an edging that is clear to see through the outfit.

It could be mild or stand out where everyone knows the exact type of knickers you're wearing.

But other than seams the edging - that is the drop off the knickers to the skin - causes a different type of panty lines, but VPL all the same.

If this edging is too heavy on the buttocks then it will not only create lines, but enhanced the shape of the style of knickers you happen to be wearing.

Enhanced SEAMS cause VPL

Seams in most types of knickers can go unseen, or distracted with an outfit that has patterns or made in a thicker fabric.

But knickers can for sure have very thick, very obvious seams, thus the lines are clearly visible on the bum area.

If a woman is wearing knickers with thick seams she maybe not be concerned about the whole VPL thing - but many women are, or will be after VPL it pointed out to them - its sure a cruel would.

To view visible panty lines, it can only be seen on the buttocks, where knickers curve around the bum.

It can occur on the sides or rarely on the front area, but VPL is a common cause that mostly relates to visible panty lines on a women's bum.

To deal with that issue in all types of women's knickers, you can refer to a special NO VPL knicker range - as to remove seams or awkward edging.

No VPL knickers can reduce lines

If you're not familiar with the expression, NO VPL knickers are found in clothes stores or other places where you buy underwear - so you are missing out on a neat trick.

How it works is the NO VPL - also referred to seamless underwear - in knickers are made with a laser cut - sealing the edging to prevent fraying so seams are not needed.

Its not laser cut only in the buttocks, but seams from knickers are completely removed on every edge.

Seams can also be removed from the waistband, whereas the stretchy material takes over the job of keeping the knickers up and in place.

If you're concerned about VPL in knickers, the full briefs, bikini style or boy shorts might not be enough to hide lines in a silky dress, for example.

So you'd need to consider other types of knickers, but namely the NO VPL thong styles would be the first port of call.

That way if the NO VPL or seamless underwear kind ever let's you down, the thong can help keep lines at bay regardless.

To summarize

The term VPL is an expression commonly used in the USA by a women to refer to panty lines, or knickers lines being seen under what you wear on the waist down.

It could be jeans, trousers, leggings, yoga pants or skirts; VPL in knickers can be seen in any type of outfit.

British alternative to the well known term VPL - meaning visible panty lines - is knicker lines, visible knicker lines - or simply underwear lines.

Underwear lines refers to the seams in knickers only, but it can extend to awkward edging or stitching clearly seen through material of an outfit that fits tight on the bottom.

But VPL will make its way not only through tight outfits, but know that loose fitted pants or skirts can cause a VPL - less or worse depending on the fabric.

To beat the pain of knicker lines, its an uphill struggle but what can help is the use of NO VPL knickers, which has a laser cut edging, thus removing the need for seams.

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