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What kind of panties should I wear

The kind of panties you should be wearing is all about preference, but more importanly the outfit you'll be wearing on the day.

What kind of panties you should be wearing will depend on age, outfit you'll be wearing, and where you'll be wearing it to. If you're a young adult, then keeping with midi or hipster panties would be sufficient for now. And if you're a women of age, then a thong would help with panty lines in most outfits.

When you say what kind of panties should I wear, do you mean what panties should you wear with a certain outfit?

Because if that's the case then carry on reading as you've outlined what kind of panties you should be wearing for the outfit selected.

Assuming you wish to be advised on what panties you should wear in general; then why not try different styles to find the underwear you'd like most.

Personally, a thong or comfortable g-string would be suited to most women's needs as time is spent learning how to avoid VPL, so thongs will put an end to it.

If wearing a comfortable thong underwear or a skimpy g-string; believe it or not this will also help put an end to wedgies.

So where the thong material is designed to fit up the bum, which is also true for cheeky panties - its not possible to get a wedgie in the traditional sense, so no more unsightly lines.

What ever panties you decide to try or wear more regularly, you'll need to think about panty lines at all times, including how they become visible under bottoms on your bum.

So with that in mind you'll need the seamless kind in a skin tone color.

Panties rely on the outfit

What kind of panties you should wear would really depend on the outfit you're wearing on the day.

There's no other way to tell what a women should wear unless the outfit is decided first.

So for example if you were wearing skinner jeans or jeggings; the bottoms would call for a thong or panties that are seamless.

For that reason you can be sure to keep those panty lines as discreet as possible.

Similarly, a super comfortable g-string would be the second choice unless of course its what you would prefer to wear over thongs.

When wearing loose fitted bottoms such as that of a flowy dress or skirt; then it won't matter what panties you'll be wearing, the underwear lines won't be seen.

So always dress accordingly, whatever the outfit requires at the time, be sure to pick the right panty as to avoid panty lines as your priority.

Thong to avoid wedgies

Regardless of the jeans, pants, shorts, skirt or dress you'll be wearing for the day, there's no better way to stay comfortable than with a soft cotton thong.

While even the most loose pants or skirts can create lines, there's always the thong to keep them hidden if there were a chance of it happening.

Thongs are the panties you should be wearing if the jeans, pants or skirt is a fitted one; as you'll want to have a smooth fit without those unsightly lines drawing attention.

It might not seem like it but if you're not used to wearing thongs or never tried them before, then there's no better time.

Add a thong to your underwear drawer as they will be amongst your most comfortable panties you own.

If wear panties where you have to put up with wedgies, then you'll know its an ongoing concern.

Not so if wearing a thong as the material is designed into a narrow strip that slots in between your bum, so therefore is meant to go in.

Whereas full coverage briefs cause a whole bunch of material to ride up your bum when a wedgie does occur.

Stringy kind if thongs don't fit

If you're starting out wearing thongs for the first time but having trouble getting used to wearing them, then it might be a g-string that's for you.

The kind of panties you wear up the bum might not be the style that has an inch wide strap that rides up in between bum cheeks.

So instead what your body might be crying out for is less material.

Namely a g-string where its made with just that, a string. G-strings have less material around the waist and up the bum, so will go towards helping you with comfort.

However, that is not always the case as more often than not, women prefer the feel of a wedge of soft material from the thong rather than a thin string up the butt caused from a g-string.

If you're looking to avoid VPL, then a g-string will serve to avoid those lines just as thong underwear would.

Only with a g-string there's less material so the g-string is less likely to be seen.

Cheekies for a little cuteness

As it happens there's no reason for a women to wear the cheeky panty kind for no other reason than when she's feeling a little cheeky herself.

You see its like this, while the thong or g-string helps to reduce or completely remove VPL, cheekies are cut in a way that would create panty lines.

So unless you don't intend for underwear lines to be seen under your bottoms, then its probably best you refrain from using cheeky panties.

However, cheeky underwear can serve a purpose in that they can be comfortable, in a way that removes wedgies.

For sure cheeksters do ride up like wedgies, but they're controlled wedgies after all.

Its like this, where the cheeky exposes the bum, the material is narrower, so therefore there's less material to ride up the butt, causing you pain.

If the outfit you're wearing on the day has no possible chance of VPL being seen; then for sure give cheekies a try any time you desire.

Play it safe with hipsters or midi briefs

If ever in doubt you can resort to the kind of panties you wore growing up; namely big ol granny panties...

Or what they're more commonly referred to, hipster or midi underwear.

If its the right fit expect a comfortable pair of cotton granny panties to fit in a way that offers you more control and support than any of kind.

By that we mean hipsters and midi panties cover the entire hips while fitting up high up around the waist.

The full coverage style goes towards keeping things covered, all while there's less chance of wedgies occurring.

If you decide to go for midi or hipster underwear then its probably what you wear already.

But they have there downside for more fitted jeans or pants as there's likely underwear lines to be seen.

Second of all, midi or hipsters can create wedgies if the gusset is a narrow fit.

Don't wear big old granny panties if what you want to wear is leggings or yoga pants as they should be worn with thong underwear, not full briefs.

You might get away with wearing hipsters or midi panties with jeans or a fitted pencil skirt, as it can form to the curves well keeping the lines invisible.

Shorts under short dress or skirt

The kind of panties you'd would want to wear if you're the sort of women who is concerned with your panties or bum becoming exposed, should think about short panties.

What shorties or short panties are, are a style of underwear that look and feel like a much smaller pair of fitted shorts.

If its the kind you wear on a regular basis then you probably do so for support.

However, women who wear shorts, especially in the seamless style; do so if they're wearing a short dress or skirt that could expose your otherwise skimpy delicates.

So for that reason the shorts will be seamless to avoid VPL, all while made in a skin tone to keep them as discreet as possible.

When you should wear shorts as panties would be for this reason alone.

Make use of short underwear to stop people getting a glance at your bum or colorful panties if they were to become visible sometime over the course of the day or evening.

Boyshorts for bedtime

When wearing boyshorts as your regular underwear throughout the day then its likely you're a young adult or teenager who wear more trendy panties.

Boyshorts are worn with the more mature crowd but are usually preferred by younger women.

To keep your underwear lines discreet throughout the day, boyshorts will have to be left behind.

Instead you'll need to switch to panties that are seamless and fit to your curves, if you insist on wearing this boy leg style through the day.

What we would recommend is switching out of your thong, cheekies or midi underwear you're wearing in the day, before changing into boyshorts.

Boyshorts are a popular style of panties that are preferred by women to be worn for bed, so are chosen to be slept in over skimpier panties.


There you have it, what kind of panties should be worn by you will depend hugely on the outfit you've decided to wear for the day.

So say you wish to wear cute skinny jeans then you'll stand to benefit wearing a thong or skimpier g-string to help avoid VPL.

That also goes for wearing thongs with all types of tight fitted pants or shorts, skirts or dresses.

Where the fit of the bottoms you'll be wearing doesn't fit snug against the bum, then you could simply wear the kind of panties that offer full coverage.

So a comfy pair of granny panties in the midi or hipster style would be just fine.

Then there's a cheeky pair of cheekster underwear, so well they're designed to fit up the bum, they are sure to leave panty lines.

So much like wearing granny panties, wear cheekies only when underwear lines can't be seen.

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