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What knickers to wear with leggings

Difficulty in wearing leggings is the possibility of your knickers showing through; so there are options available with the style of knickers to be strongly considered.

Always wear a thong with leggings if they're an option; thongs remove material away from the butt into an hidden spot. Characteristics of the thong should be a flesh tone one to blend in with your skin color; must be seamless to reduce VPL; high waisted so the thong is not isolated in the middle of the butt.

What knickers you should be wearing with leggings must be a thong or g-string; its the only underwear to guarantee not showing up under leggings.

That is not all, the said thong must be flesh tone in terms of beige for pale skin or a multitude of dark color underwear for women of color.

Well seamless thongs will help, they won't eliminate VPL, so will only reduce it.

Its the thong that will do well to move underwear lines but you need to help it along by making it a type of thong that has less material or fits higher up on the waist.

If there's less thong material there's a little less to see in the rear; if its not high waisted the thong will not show up in its entirety on the bottom.

Its understandable if the thong is not for you so well you do have options, its only small.

You can make use of boy shorts, midi or hipster knickers; if only you make use of the no VPL or seamless kind well being high waisted and, or flesh tone.

Its vital full coverage knickers form to the bottom as the shape of the granny panties will be obvious to see under leggings.

So with all that, let's take a more in-depth look why thongs are the answer to leggings.

Always thong underwear

You must always, always wear a thong with leggings, just as its important to wear a thong with yoga pants to prevent showing up your knickers.

Remember, leggings fit snuggly on the bum so the likelihood of VPL showing is still a great possibility.

But why should you choose thongs over other styles of underwear?

Well for one thing there's the VPL issue we've mentioned, then there's the all important see-through effect on the bum.

Fitted leggings on the bum will allow the material to expand; thus stretching out the material as your bum, or shell we say knickers become clearly visible.

The wearing of a thong will absolutely put an end to knickers being visible as the material is taken from your bum cheeks to a discreet area that is hidden away up the bum.

Its only the more comfortable than you think thong or skimpier g-string that can be hidden away well full coverage knickers make it difficult.

First, say no to color matching

While wearing black leggings is imperative you don't make the fatal mistake most women who wear thongs this day and age always do...

Wearing a black thong under black leggings or dark color knickers overall.

You should never color match knickers to leggings as the underwear becomes more visible just as it would with other color themes.

Forget about wearing a black thong too, a black thong in the rear is designed with fabric in the butt that can still be seen.

Here's what happens, leggings can be see-through so are essentially made sheer.

The sheerness allows your skin tone to show through the light material so changes the color of the black leggings to a blend of your skin tone too.

So that results in the pure black thong made bolder with the black leggings, so make your thong or full underwear if you must skin tone always.

Always in flesh tone

Let's say you're now wearing a skin tone thong that matches or is a close shade to your bum; that skin tone thong will now be incredibly difficult to see underneath.

Skin or flesh tone underwear cater for white or pale skin but less so for underwear for women of color; but you must always wear a thong that best matches your tone.

If you were a white girl then a white thong will not do, though a thong promoted as beige or actually skin tone will help loads.

If you were black, a latino or an asian women then brown or black thongs would not help and should be avoided.

Instead you would go for a thong that matches you skin tone when its promoted as skin tone thongs for women of color, or similar terminology.

Therefore a color palette of multiple dark shades close to your skin coloring will be available, thus a shade can be matched to your bum.

Always wear skin tone thongs with leggings as the possibility of underwear showing is reduced simply by the color choice alone.

No multi-colors, floral prints or slogans

So always wear a skin tone thong, possibly seamless in the NO VPL thong underwear style, with as little material as possible, though fuller thongs are suited in skin tone.

What knickers you shouldn't be wearing in terms of thong styles are those that are in other colors - especially florescent colors - floral prints or with slogans.

Its all very well wearing say, Puma or Calvin Klein thongs with their branding around the elasticated waistband...

As Its quite often lifted up to the waistband of the leggings so you should be in the clear.

You might also be fine if patterns, floral prints or decoration is in the front, as the build up around the crotch has less stretch as oppose to fabric stretching on the bottom.

All the fancy stuff should be not on the strap of the thong that protrudes from your crack before sitting around your waist.

There's only a little bit of material here but you'll be surprised just how much can show.

All high waisted, level with waistband

Go for a thong that is nude or skin tone for women of color; make it one with less material and is seamless to help with VPL.

However, its important a thong with all those attributes we endorse should be on a thong that is designed to be high waisted to sit higher up.

High waisted thongs do a grand job of taking the outline - or imprint - of the thong to then shift it higher up so there's no end to the thong.

That results in the thong protruding from your bum as it keeps on going up to the waist.

Never again will the thong just sit there in the middle of your bum with the leggings sat around the waist.

Likelihood of a thong line or imprint clearly showing up is increased if its low rise style, so can be reduced well wearing a high rise thong.

VPL still a possibility

Did you know the possibility of thongs showing some kind of VPL can still happen. Instead of panty lines we all know from full underwear, you end up with thong lines.

To avoid that you'll need to begin by taking onboard our suggestions by going for a thong that is seamless, so is the no show or no VPL style.

You must then select a thong that is full bodied so the material can sit on the waist as to prevent bulges or rolls showing up, other than lines.

Catch twenty-two here is that you should also try g-strings over thongs; so there's less material sat on the bum, hips or waist as less material has less lines.

In that respect you should try Hanky Panky thongs as their design removes seams, has a wide stretch band - and though it has more material - its world famous for comfort.

In an effort to remove VPL there's no need to be in pain, so always make sure the thong or g-string is a comfortable one.

Though we do understand thongs or g's are not for everyone, so let's take a look at your options.

If you say NO to thongs

Reasons why you'll so no to thongs could be that you're too young to wear thongs, or that you're old enough to know you don't like or never will wear thongs.

That leaves us to recommend what else you can do in place of thongs but still will keep you knickers invisible under leggings.

Its still imperative you keep with our rules of knickers worn under leggings; seamless, form to the bum, skin tone, light or less material and fit perfectly so no rolls or bulges.

  • Boy shorts will cover the whole bum really well so there's no telling where the underwear starts or ends, thus making it difficult to see
  • Midi or hipster underwear is an option as its similar to boy shorts, though its vital they form to your bum as to avoid them not showing up as a shape, not VPL
  • Cheekies are an option but they must fit perfectly to the bum so as they cut through the bum cheeks, too tight cheekies will dig into the skin
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We can't say it enough make them seamless to reduce VPL but there is more to do to help with creases, rolls or bunching.

Make sure the knickers form to your bum or figure as they will appear as if they're worn over the leggings, rather than underneath them.

Material is important so much it a soft cotton with stretch, but make sure they fit the bum as loose material will result in bunching up or wedgies.


Always wear a thong with leggings if you can as failing to do so will result in fuller knickers showing up as not only VPL, but will become visible under legging material.

Leggings are notorious for being see-through so its only thongs that will stop knickers being seen in case they are - which is a possibility.

Thongs stop or will reduce panty lines so will do well to keep it discreet in leggings; people often forget leggings can have VPL as they concentrate on possible see-through.

You won't be wearing a black thong under black leggings, or any color match.

Instead you should always wear skin tone thongs that best matches you skin color; as this will help the thong blend in or completely vanish from your bottom.

Too tight leggings in poor material could show more then thongs or knickers so be careful there; but if there's no bright or fancy knickers showing up, atleast this won't draw the eyes to your bum.

Seamless skin tone thong will do, so will making it a high rise thong as to move the thong from an isolated spot on the bum, to rise it to the waistband with your leggings.

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