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What size thong do I wear

Understanding what size you wear in thongs can be difficult as a new style of underwear, but it really isn't that complicated.

What size thong you wear is basically the size you wear in regular underwear. Going a size up can benefit you in terms of a looser waistband, though that is true for all undies. Thong sizing is a myth, and shouldn't be taken likely. If in doubt try one-size thongs to fit on all shapes.

Don't think to much of it, measuring what size thong you should wear goes no farther than checking what size regular underwear you are by reading the label.

That's it, that's what size thong you wear as outlined in your regular full coverage underwear. It could be a size XS to an XL, and that's your fit.

However, you can go one better by making sure you have the most comfortable fitted thong possible - starting with a looser fit in the waist.

Simply go a size up to your current regular underwear to have a fit that doesn't dig in.

Your options don't stop there, you could go for thongs that are made in one size; so a single thong would fit women of all shapes and sizes.

If you do intend to buy expensive underwear, its probably best you buy cheap thongs first to get a better understanding of what size best - or thong style - fits you.

Basic underwear measurements

Its important to go into measuring yourself for a thong as you would measuring up regular panties or underwear.

Underwear in the US tend to mark there underwear - or thongs - with a XS to XL system - well the UK would measure in inches and, or centimetres.

To measure yourself up properly for a nice fitted thong would be to measure your waist 5cm below the natural waistline - according to Calvin Klein's UK department.

That's taking your measurement from above your belly button to the below it.

Measuring the waist is an important part of taking your correct measurement; and well it works a little better in clothing, it can very in underwear fit drastically.

Its also possible to take the measurement for the hips, and while a little less important; the size does need to be taken if wearing larger, full underwear - so does not apply in thong underwear.

Well you measure around the thinnest part of the waist, the hips will require you to measure around the fullest part on the hips which takes it around the bum.

Thong sizes a myth

Over the past decade women and girls alike believe the sizing of thongs is different to that in regular underwear.

And while that could be true in that thong underwear tend to fit differently around the waist in terms of a looser fit thanks to the waistband design...

Its not true at all to think that thongs - or g-strings for that matter - should measure a size up or down over full briefs.

Where you do wear a size up or down is completely related to the brand, material and generally poor structure in the design.

That leads to a thong that is a size too big or small, just has regular undies would be.

So there you have it, measuring a thong for a size different to your regular underwear is not true; so you should be wearing thongs in identical sizes to your bikini or boy shorts.

Although its worth noting it may require you to wear a size up if you do want to a thong that would be more comfortable, as a looser fit.

Size identical to regular underwear

Absolutely wear a thong that measures up to the size of your favorite full coverage underwear.

Where you might go wrong which is a similar problem to all underwear fittings; is that thong styles over others may need a size up or down for a comfy fit.

And while a size down is possible, its more likely a size up or two would be the likely outcome as larger sizes means more wiggle room.

Regular underwear would fit snuggly on the waist well not being uncomfortable, though the fit becomes awkward as material needs to fit around the hips, so therefore it needs to cover your bum.

Unlike the fit in regulars, that is not true in thongs. Yes a thong will fit similarly around the waist, but there's no need to take measurements around the hips.

Any type of thong underwear style will never need the hips size taken as the thong doesn't fit around the hip part- preferring to sit on the waist or below it only.

Although saying that, thongs can fit much lower on the hips, so may need to be considered in regard to taking your measurements.

One size up on all thong styles

No need to keep trying out expensive designer thongs or packs of 5 to only find they're to big or too small when you get home.

Solution to that which might help you overcome most measurement issues, is always go a size up.

Now we did mention thong sizes are a myth and while that is absolutely true; going a size up may benefit you just has it would in wearing a larger size in regular panties.

And remember, it should always be a size up, as a size down doesn't really help in terms of comfort or making any sense.

Larger thongs will help loosen the elasticated waistband around waist and hips if low rise, well freeing up a bit of space to breath.

Wearing a size up on a thong will benefit you hugely as its a way to help most brands of thongs to fit a little better.

Its not a guarantee by any means due to the way manufacturers design there range.

So whatever size you are in regular underwear, go a size up in thongs or wait until you've tried them on, so only then you can make a decision in regards to going a size up.

One size fits all will solve sizing issues

When its a struggle to find a thong that fits on your waist as comfortably as possible; it would be recommended to buy a thong in the one size fits all design.

How that works is that the material stretches out without deforming in such a ugly or unwearable way, the thong will still keep its shape.

Example of that are Hanky Panty Original Rise thongs which have the one size fit, while the thicker waistband will help the stretched waistband sit comfortably on the waist and, or hips

There are benefits to women of a smaller or larger size, along with a few downsides.

If you have an extra small to small size waist, the thong should fit nicely, but there is a risk of access material that may bulge.

However, if you are a larger size then the material would indeed stretch out causing the thong to dig into the waist and hips, causing bulges and rolls.

That does not apply to the Hanky Panky thongs thanks to there unique design; but less inferior or cheaper thongs may not sit so well if made in the one size option.

Experiment with a cheap thong

OK so a size up or a one size fits all thongs should help you overcome the issue of thongs that are too tight.

Its not always a guarantee or is it possible to find a thong that is either one size fits all; or you are not sure what your measurements are, so not sure about going a size up.

To get around this problem is easy, simply opt for one or two cheap - and we mean very cheap - pairs of thongs to try when you get home.

Don't buy one thong as you'll need to compare it to others. So you'll need to buy atleast two or three.

More importantly, all thongs should be from different brands, possibly in different material - or alteast has a different touch - and vary in style drastically.

Once all thongs have been worn for a while to make a fair assessment; could one thong over the other fit better, and if so would you be happy to wear that thong style?

If yes then head back to the store you bought it from and stock up. Not only have you saved yourself a fortune in not being able to return underwear, it only cost you a dollar or two (couple of quid if in UK).

Quick thong size chart

To assist you in taking note of your regular underwear before heading out to buy thongs; refer to our underwear, or should be say a thong size chart.

Size:     Waist:   Hips:  
0 x XS 4 x XS 32 25 63 35.5 89
2 x XS 6 x S 34 26 65.5 36.5 91.5
4 x S 8 x S 36 27 68 37.5 94
6 x S 10 x M 38 28 70.5 37.5 96.5
8 x M 12 x M 40 30 75.5 40.5 101.5
10 x M 14 x L 42 32 80.5 42.5 106.5
12 x L 16 x L 44 34 85.5 44.5 111.5
14 x L 18 46 36 90.5 46.5 116.5
16 x XL 20 x XL 48 38 95.5 48.5 121.5
19 22 x 2XL 50 40.5 101.5 51 127.5
20 24 x 3XL 52 43 107.5 53.5 133.5


So if you're concerned about what size thong you wear, its probably the same size as your regular underwear.

Its not true that thongs must be worn a size up, and well it can benefit you; its a normal thing to wear a size up if you want the panty or thong to be more comfortable.

Though its unlikely a size down would be needed, it is possible to go a size to big as the thong fits to loose around your waist, or over your hips.

Difficulty in wearing the correct size thong can be sorted in no time as you may have the option to wear a one size fits all.

If that were the case then the thong will fit XS to a S or larger; though the higher size you go the thong begins to tighten; so therefore causes bulges or digs in.

Never invest in expensive designer thong underwear such as Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret or Hanky Panky until you know your size.

In doing so you'll save yourself alot of money and trouble, with shops not often taking back underwear, as it may of been worn.

In which case, buy a few pairs of really cheap thongs in different styles to see which one fits best in terms of comfort.

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