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Model wearing sheer white dress with white thong visible underneath

What to wear under a sheer white dress

Unveiling a white dress to only realise it is in fact see-through is an issue that can be fixed, thanks to skin tone, seamless underwear.

What to wear under a sheer white dress would be a skin tone thong or bra, in the NO VPL style. If underwear is going to still be clearly seen, then style the sheer dress with a skin tone panty or thong style bodysuit underneath. The bodysuit could still go unseen, but if not it will instead look part of the dress.

It couldn't be more difficult hiding underwear under a white dress that is made worse as it becomes sheer under lighting, or is see-through from the outset.

Easy solution to any dress that is sheer is a seamless skin tone thong; skin tone so its blends in with your own tone, making it hard to see - and seamless just incase of VPL.

If the crack between your buttocks is likely to be seen, style up your bum by wearing a NO VPL, seamless cheeky underwear.

The cheeky panty style will form into your curves, while skin tone shades still applies.

What to wear on top in case boobs or bra can be seen is likewise, a skin tone, optional seamless bra.

If the white dress doesn't need a bra, then nipples tape might be all you need.

However, if you fail to keep underwear discreet whatever you've tried so far, I suggest you style the sheer dress with underwear intended to be seen.

Amazingly not really the intention of a bodysuit, but its a delightful benefit of a bodysuit when it can be used to style an outfit - and not just used to replace a top.

Simply wear a skin tone thong bodysuit in a rise to your liking, then people will come to believe its part of the dress.

Skin tone thong only

It can be a daunting task knowing your underwear can be seen under a sheer dress, that is made worse in white.

Moreso it can be more difficult if the dress is open to your body, in the tummy or is a strapless dress, revealing the shoulders or cleavage.

To which you'd have to take onboard my advice in pieces; meaning consider a thong with a bra, or one or the other.

However, what you should be wearing under a sheer white dress is a skin tone thong only.

Skin tone so it blends in with your shade as best it can, so there's no way an onlooker can make out the thong shape, let alone any other type of panty.

Now I do recommend skin tone thong specifically as the less material not only be harder to notice, but VPL can still be an issue - so therefore a thong will help.

NO VPL, laser cut panty

What else you can do with that skin tone thong underwear is making it one that is laser cut, which can mean NO VPL or a seamless thong.

Skin tone thongs with seams or a trim can not only create panty lines, but it helps the thong skin shade blend into your skin better.

Laser cut thongs tend to be skin tone, black or white only.

So while a white thong might seem the solution to a white dress, I guarantee white under white will be seen as clear as a black full panty under a white sheer dress.

Dresses that are sheer can expose the darkness of the crotch area plus the crack of the buttocks.

So to avoid these areas being seen, a laser cut, skin tone thong will enhance the coloring around the area, thus preventing it being seen as much, saving you embarrassment.

Seamless bra

If the sheer white dress needs a bra then do so again, preferably as a strapless bra if its a strapless dress - along with the seamless style.

I can't point to which sheer dress you intend to wear, but that is usually the pattern that occurs with these things.

Though I do believe the sheer dress might already offer some protection on the top half as the material or design allows it too.

Much like wearing a seamless thong, a seamless bra can still be seen but a again making it NO SHOW will prevent bra lines.

Not an issue under a sheer dress, but if its the skin tone kind, then the seamless type comes hand in hand.

You may find in the end going braless under a sheer dress may be the only solution if your nipples are not seen.

Strapless bodysuit

It may be possible to dress, or accessorise the sheer white dress with a bodysuit that compliments the design.

If its a lace or mesh type sheer dress, or a bit of both fabrics; wearing a thong or bra in skin tone or seamless might not be enough.

In fact it could draw attention to what is being worn under the dress rather than people noticing the beautiful dress itself.

So to overcome this, why not wear an all in one bodysuit as to make sure it blends in.

And if the bodysuit cannot be ignored, it may simply appear to be part of the stylish dress you happen to be wearing.

Now you can wear a strapless bra as most dresses designs require it.

But this way you can choose to wear a full panty or a high or low rise thong bodysuit in skin tone, but the seamless kind might not matter now.

What NOT to wear

What you should never wear under a white tight or loose fitted white dress, let alone one that is sheer - is white underwear.

White under white is a fashion faux pas, or at least one of mine.

Its possible even the most up to date, fashion conscious young female can get caught up believing a white thong is all you need under a white outfit.

She may even realise the thong can be seen, but believes there's nothing that can be done about it - so she makes do with what she knows.

But in fact, a skin tone, seamless thong can absolutely save you the trouble of your underwear being seen under potential see-through dresses.

Not much else can go wrong while wearing a sheer white dress, only to protect your boobs being seen - or more specifically your nipples - you can use nipple tape.

To summarize

What to wear under a sheer white dress is quite difficult as there's a certain level of visibility from one sheer dress to the next.

But its universally accepted that a skin tone, seamless thong will save the day on most occasions.

If the dress is so sheer it has the potential to reveal the gap between your buttocks, then a skin tone, seamless cheeky might do the trick.

But to be sure always make sure its seamless as to prevent the panty line issues, as that's all the problems you need right now.

If you find that sporting a skin tone thong does the job then match it up with a skin tone bra, if your boobs need covering.

In failing that with underwear seen clear as day, simply style the dress with a bodysuit.

Continue to still wear a skin tone, seamless bodysuit but wear the full panty or thong bodysuit type if that is what you don't mind people seeing.

I only ask you not to wear white under a sheer white dress especially as it will be visible moreso than wearing any other color of underwear.

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