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What to wear under skater skirt

One style of skirt that needs consideration in regards to what underwear to wear underneath is the skater skirt, as its a skirt that has its problems.

When wearing a skater skirt cheeky underwear should be worn to allow the skirt to flow as it should well preventing the underwear and skirt material getting caught up. Not only will cheeky underwear stop the skirt from riding up the bum, the skater skirt is allowed to flow over the bum without any hang ups.

Difficulty in skater skirts if you care is what to wear under it that will not only protect you against mishaps, but what underwear style will allow the skirt to flow as it should.

Cheekies fit the bill but its not for everyone; it could be the style not being your thing or perhaps you haven't reached an age where the wearing of cheekies is appropriate.

So what you will do is wear underwear of yours that is made in a soft, sleek yet well fitted material, so the under skirt material runs off the panty well not getting caught.

That would for sure ease all problems as the underwear protects your dignity if you end up flashing and the skirt can't ride up, as the panties stop that happening.

You can reinforce the wearing of cheekies or full underwear by matching the underwear color to the skater skirt, or a shade that is similar.

What this does it make people keep on guessing if they saw your underwear or not, as it could be the skirt or underwear.

Unlike what underwear to wear pencil skirts for example; underwear for skater skirts has to be strongly considered, as the wrong style could cause real trouble later.

Cheekies fit the bill

You have to admit the suggestion of wearing cheekies under a mini skirt that essentially flows freely in the wind is a bad idea.

But if you give us a minute we can explain our reasoning which we hope will change your mind, and prove to be a very good point.

Here's the deal, the skater skirt is a flowing skirt that hangs freely over the bum with rolls of material that has a mind of its own.

Basically, there's no telling where the curls in the skater skirt end up hanging; though it must be said, they will want to position themselves between the buttocks.

No thong then as the skirt will want to trap itself in between the cheeks, which it will as there's no full coverage panties stopping that happen.

Here's why we suggest wearing cheekies, despite the risk of exposure on a windy day.

For the very reason the skirt will hang beautifully over the bum as the cheeky will prevent the material getting caught between the bum cheeks.

Knickers that allow skirt to flow

Cheekies are all you need really but if that's not a type of underwear you don't wear or are not willing to wear with skater skirts, allow us to explain why other styles are bad.

It all boils down to the the underwear not allowing the skirt to flow as its supposed to over the bum.

So with that the full coverage underwear is going to be a trap; often forcing the material of the skirt to get caught on the material of the skirt - and that will happen.

Material rubbing up against other fabric will get caught if the circumstances allow it.

And that is what is happening while wearing panties that cover the whole bum, there's more material for the skater skirt to get trapped on.

Demonstration of that is when you sit or lean; the skirt rises behind but when you straighten up, the skirt stays put where it got caught on your underwear.

That won't happen if wearing a well fit, comfortable cheeky underwear as the material sits nicely on the bum as the material is in the bum where it would otherwise not be.

Not for everyone we understand, but the wearing of a thong will prevent the material getting caught under the skirt, so can be considered when the conditions allow.

colors to match under skirt

Fantastic way to make sure your underwear stays discreet even if you have a little skirt flip up revealing your bum you don't know about, is wear matching colors.

Its not always a possibility as popular skater skirt colors don't always match up to a color of underwear widely available - such as sky blue or burgundy.

Premise behind this thinking is that when the skirt rises a little higher than it should, what will be shown is not a mismatch of color of underwear you'd normally wear, but...

A white, blue or black underwear that is the color of the skirt, or a shade that is closely matched.

What that does is help reduce the possibility of people realising your underwear just showed; instead the color match will make it hard to realise the undies were one visible.

For this idea to work the underwear style would have to be a full coverage one, as a cheeky would show to much bum before the underwear material comes in to sight.

If the skirt rises that high then you might be in trouble already, so you may as well be wearing a thong.

Skater skirts not accustom to thongs

Talking of thongs, for sure they can be worn with skater skirts absolutely; though it is possible circumstances won't always allow that.

In formal dress wear with nice weather and perhaps a top of shirt of some kind can make sure it doesn't flow up, then wear a thong as you normally would.

This really doesn't apply to girls who are perhaps too young to wear thongs or if its a windy day, where accidents can happen no thanks to how skater skirts are designed.

And its because of this flowing material the skirt style is made of that would not be advisable to wear anything less than cheeky or Brazilian style knickers or panties.

That's not all, if you're not wearing tights the skirt won't hang as it should, so instead you will find the skirt material continues to creep into the butt.

Something that can only be blamed on the skater skirt and thong that don't often compliment each other.

Another reason for not wearing too skimpy underwear such as thongs is that it will make it difficult for you well sitting.

Undies to protect bum if seated

You know how it is with skater skirts; leaning or bending over is limited to a minimum as the skirt in the back likes to rise drastically.

If you've sat on a comfortable chair or perhaps a stole or bench of any kind before; the issue of the skirt rising up as you sit will guarantee to happen to a certain degree.

With that in mind, imagine if you're wearing underwear with minimum coverage; what will happen is your bare bottom will come into contact with the surface of your seat.

Not a problem if you're wearing full coverage underwear nor will it matter much if you are indeed wearing cheekies.

It will become a problem while wearing a full bodied thong or a skimpier g-string as the bum will touch the surface that could shell we say, not be the most hygienic.

For you the matter could be made worse as the thong or g-string is sat wrong around the vagina well possibly exposing your anus through either side of the thong strap that runs up your bum.

Germs could transfer to your private parts which could result in a doctor's appointment later - though that won't be an issue if the skater skirt stays tucked under the bum well sat down.

What Not to wear

So we talk about what underwear you should or shouldn't wear under a skater skirt, though it must be said some of you may thought about wearing shorts as the answer.

And it must be said its not, as the length in the legs will allow the shorts to be seen, thus drawing attention to where its revealed.

You don't want people to stare, in fact people will not look if there's nothing to see.

What shorts you could be thinking about wearing are the more fitted sports types shorts; they're a no-no as the material will grab hold of the skirt resulting in it rising it up.

So what about the wearing of say a tight fitted, stretch spandex for example; well those we would say are suitable if that's what you're happy to wear.

Don't make it so they fit to far down the thigh, or if they're skin tone as the appearance of nudity will surface - so make them black or close to the color theme of the skater skirt.

Panty styles while wearing tights

Wearing skater skirts with bare legs is a normal and popular thing to do; though when the outfit calls for it a pair of matching color tights is the way to go.

Know that all that we've explained previously does not apply to skaters skirts if worn with tights. Tights will not only allow the skirt to flow freely, but there's no possibility of caught ups or the skirt getting trapped between the bum cheeks.

Coverage of the tights on your bum will allow the skirt to slip off the nylon or similar material tights are made in, so there's little trouble there.

That also goes for the style of underwear you wish to wear under the skater skirt, and now the tights too.

Wear what you like regardless if its boy shorts, bikini, thongs or cheekies; you'll be safe in the knowledge the skirt won't get trapped well your bum should stay hidden beneath tights, if the thickness is there.


Try to avoid full coverage underwear if the fit or material is all wrong as mishaps will happen; namely the skater skirt will get caught on the underwear if its not allow to flow.

Though that can be avoided if you chose to wear cheeky underwear as the styles cuts into between the buttocks; thus moving into an area the skater skirt cannot now occupy.

Saying that, there's also the issue of the skirt getting caught in between the bum cheeks.

Whether you've stood up or leaned over; what will happen then is the skirt will position itself into the bum cheeks well being clamped in as the buttocks press.

So now the skirt is up your bum and you might not know about it until a friend says so.

Wearing a cheeky will prevent the material riding up and should allow the skirt to flow over the bum as naturally as possible.

Thongs could be worn if that's what you wear but should only be considered when its not so windy or there's chances of accidental exposure.

Your bum must be protected well sat as the skater skirt style rises up; as your thong-clad bottom will press on what is now your bare bum against the surface of a bacteria ridden seat.

All underwear styles can be worn with skater skirts if wearing tight; as the tights now essentially become the underwear so will allow the skirt to flow without getting caught.

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