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Women trying on wedding dress in front of mirror

What underwear to wear when trying on wedding dresses

What you wear under your wedding dress during the try on is important; though it should be so you can try it on well the underwear doesn't cause issues, such as VPL.

What knickers you wear well trying on wedding dresses should be practical for a try on session. Make it so the undies are seamless, high waisted and skin tone to avoid see-through. Wear a thong that meets this criteria, but only if you're comfortable wearing thongs in front of others

More importantly, knickers worn during the try on in the wedding dress shop should match the knickers you intend to wear on the day.

If wearing big knickers you may find that they don't work under fitted dresses, so now you know not to wear them on the day, if they show up under the dress you've selected.

On the otherhand, if they're colorful knickers or with patterns, this may be obvious as they become visible once the light hits your bum.

So play it say, wear only high waisted, skin tone knickers that won't show up.

While full briefs will square off your bottom, making it look unflattering and awkward, only thong underwear can prevent such issues on the day.

Thongs will help you avoid VPL well preventing any bunching up or moving around.

With all that in mind, let's take a deeper look at your options, but be warned it all boils down to wearing a skin tone, seamless thong to retain a clean look well trying on dresses.

Comfortable wearing in front of strangers

Its all well and good asking us what underwear to wear when trying on wedding dresses; but really what are you comfortable wearing in front of the shop assistant.

Not only that, there's a probability you'd be trying on wedding dresses well in front of your own mum, sister, friends and perhaps your future mother-in-law.

Not a group of people most women will want to stand half naked in front of with.

If you're comfortable to wear whatever regardless, then do so as you wish; they are women after all and very unlikely to think twice about it.

Thankfully, you won't be going into the wedding dress try-on out of the blue, so such an event will be discussed with your girlfriends and the women in your family.

What's likely to be said is what are you going to wear with a plan made ahead of time, so no surprises when they do see you undressed.

However, what you wear as you try on wedding dresses only matters to the woman helping you pick out and trying on dresses, so let's discuss what they prefer.

What the dress shop would prefer you to wear

Without going into any more detail, its obviously the sale person who will help you on the day of the dress fit to wear something you're comfortable wearing.

Though, the catch is this underwear should not cause issues well trying on the dress.

Have you ever tried on a tight pair of jeans with big old knickers; well you pull them up, the knickers go up your bum with the jeans...

Well this still applies, with big old knickers an absolute no no; you don't want the material of the knickers to prevent the pulling up or down of fitted wedding dresses.

On the otherhand, you don't won't your pubic hair or lady parts to become visible as your knickers are pulled down with the dress.. or up causing a wedgy.

So wear form fitting, seamless underwear that stays firm but is not tight.

Knickers you plan to wear on wedding day

Best advise you can be given is simply wear the type of knickers you'd be expected to wear under your wedding dress on the big day.

That way there will be no surprises with VPL, bulging or bunching up as you arrive at the church or worst still... as you're saying I DO.

Knickers you might plan to wear could be your regulars, with no thought given to your choice of undies on the day - and that's fair enough.

But, even if its your big old granny panties or the skimpiest thong in the world; it should be worn as you're trying on wedding dresses to avoid unexpected surprises.

All that is wrong with your choice of underwear as you try on different styles of wedding dresses, will become apparent as problems arise as you go from one dress to the next.

Fitted dresses create the dreaded visible panty lines; so that should be avoided as lines will show up in wedding photographs.

That also goes for any bulging or bunching up around the bum that usually follows up , and is hugely connected to visible panty lines.

Flowy, big dresses have lots of ruffles, folds and lace, so the issue of VPL does not exist here, just concentrate on fitted wedding dresses.

Thongs work with all wedding dresses

If you're a thong girl then absolutely make sure you're wearing a thong during your dress fit, as we assume that's what you'll be wearing on the big day.

The thong in question should be a high waisted thong that fits high around your waist, thus avoiding the thong being cut off around your bum area.

This way the thong fits up and around your bum as it should, well the waistband will fit higher up to fit with the curve of your waist line.

That will allow you to go above and beyond to prevent visible panty lines, plus the avoidance of additional thong lines showing up under the dress.

Wearing a thong during a dress fit would be a warm welcome to the person who helps you try on dresses, as little problems will occur.

They will know that all types of wedding dresses can be tried on without restrictions, with no panty lines causing trouble from one dress to the next.

Skin tone to avoid visibility

So a thong is a must during your wedding dress try on, but make it one that is high waisted well going one better with a seamless, skin tone or flesh color as to prevent the possibility of underwear being visible under the dress material.

One thing people don't tell you during the wedding dress try on is that underwear can show up under the right lighting.

And well thongs or full briefs will show up under bright lights, its absolutely possible under flash lighting, such as that from a camera flash.

With your family and friends taking pictures all day and evening at the wedding, you don't want your knickers showing up in most pictures... talk about ruining the photographs right, well being a little embarrassing.

So make it skin tone thongs to avoid visibility under white dresses. Not just white mind, all colors; with the material of the dress often see-through under bright lights.

It might not show up during the wedding dress fit, so you'll only know at the wrong time.

Hanky Panky high rise wedding thongs

We can suggest all types of thongs you can wear under your wedding dress during the try on, well later using that thong to wear on the day.

You could try or should wear Spanx under your wedding dress if you want to stay slim during the try on, but Hanky Panky would be strongly considered if you're not thinking about slimming in the dress shop or on the wedding day.

So well a skin tone, high waisted thong is recommended by us; you can spoil yourself with what is a luxury, expensive Hanky Panky high rise thong.

They fit the criteria we've outlined previously, only Hanky Panky wedding thongs are designed to wear under wedding dresses.

They're made so well in fact, you may find yourself wearing your Hanky Panky wedding thong all day, every day after the wedding.

And the reasons for such a hype you may ask; Hanky Panky thongs are thought to be the most comfortable in the world, with a one size fits all tagline.

Not only that, they're exclusively designed to avoid VPL, well the unique design of the high waistband will stop the thong digging into the waist, which would otherwise create more awkward creases.


So there you have it, its our opinion that you should be wearing the underwear you intend to wear at the wedding dress try on, to be the same pair you're wearing on the big day.

If you have decided to go with full coverage briefs, then this should be a suitable pair to wear with a wedding dress that is not form fitting, but more flowy.

If your dress is fitted around the waist and bum, then you need to seriously think about the possibility of VPL showing up.

So therefore, you will need to wear a thong to help prevent visible panty lines.

This thong of yours shouldn't be any old pair; instead it should be seamless, high rise and possibly skin tone if the dress risks being see-through under bright lights.

Go one better by spoiling yourself with a luxury Hanky Panky wedding theme thong; what you'll get out of this pair is more than other designs that meet our criteria we've mentioned before.

With a Hanky Panky thong the design allows for complete invisibility under all types of wedding dresses, so should be considered well trying on dresses.

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