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What's it like to wear a thong

It can take some getting used too, but the feeling of thongs can go unnoticed, or if felt it can be quite invigorating, giving you a boost mentally in self-confidence.

What's it like to wear a thong to first timers would ideally be nothing, not much different to regular panties if its a comfortable thong. It can feel different with no fabric covering your bum as outer clothing is felt. No worrying about the rear thong strap that fits up the buttocks as a good fitting thong should feel like air.

You can only be asking what's it feel like to wear a thong, or g-string; as someone you is wearing, or wants to wear a thong for the first time, so you're curious to know first hand.

In fact what it is like to wear a thong, to most thong wearers anyway; is nothing, a thong can barely go unnoticed unless something unexpected happens.

Not only does a thong feel as comfortable as regular underwear, but apart from the absent rear full coverage material, it looks the same too.

If you ever struggle to get used to a thong due to discomfort, then throw it, its a bad one.

Thongs are comfortable in that is removes unwanted material that is not needed from the bum, if VPL or bunching is a problem to you.

It can take time getting used to the feeling of your bum rubbing against the fabric of your pants, skirts or jeans - but in time that will soon pass.

Not much different to panties

On the outset what's it like to wear a thong first time wearing it can feel as if you're in a regular panties, and hopefully comfortable ones.

The fit can be very familiar and if its a good fit, there's will be nothing in the rear causing concern.

So for sure, thongs feel like, or should I say don't feel any different to wearing panties, or I should say no different to wearing more skimpier panties.

Fitting in the front of the thong not only can be no different, but it can appear to look like a regular, full brief or bikini underwear.

In no way should the crotch fitting be uncomfortable or feel as if it fits all wrong.

Same goes to the waistband in any design, but what I would say the feeling of no panty material rubbing on the buttocks, can be noticeable.

Feeling of strap up rear

What its like most by wearing a thong is that feeling, and not an awful feeling I might add, is the lack of fabric supporting the buttocks.

In wearing pants or jeans for example, it will be highly noticeable the nylon or denim is now rubbing on the bum cheeks.

Its not an uncomfortable one but it is a feeling that will sure fade in due course.

If wearing a skirt or dress for the first time in a thong, notice a light draft or a cold wind landing on the bum - as there's no cover that full panties previously offered.

In an comfortable thong, much like those one size fits all Hanky Panky thongs, the thong strap that fits in the crack should never be felt.

When it is felt it should never cause discomfort or need adjusting due to a wedgy feeling.

It needs to be light, barely noticeable with no pulling or tugging to make it fit, as material that goes up the bum can fit in many ways, but more importantly can fit comfortably.

Become aware of fabric on bum

Its a big change from regular underwear you once relied on, to a transitioning to a type of women's underwear that is now missing its rear end.

In removing this area of the thong panty your bum now sits against the outerwear you now happen to be wearing.

Not a problem previously as there was once a panty between the bum and bottoms, but that as now changed.

Instead the buttocks are pressed up against, say the jeans or yoga pants you're wearing.

You may find the naked bum while wearing a thong to be invigorating, unconstraint, with the more fitting yoga pants or legging supporting the bum instead.

Where it does take some getting used too is perhaps more loosely fitted pants or a the feeling of denim.

But in a loose skirt the fabric can now indeed drop in-between the buttocks, while rubbing over your buttocks which sure feels weird at first, and a little insecure.

What's it like when it goes wrong

Outlined so far is a situation that pans out perfectly for you; a thong that is super comfy and made to fit like the full coverage panties worn previously.

In reality you'll need a bit of trial and error to wear a thong comfortably so in that time it can feel like wearing a pair of new panties, that are difficult to wear.

Namely a wrong fitting thong will be first noticeable in the strap that rides up the bum.

In a poorly fitting thong it might have no stretch or the thong could be made in a harsh material - while inflicting torture up the bum.

To fix that would require a brand new thong but one thong strap width can feel different to the next.

For example a light, stretchy cotton thong with a wide strap can feel comfy, while a thinner strap with less stretch can feel as if its cutting you in half.

But where you might find the thong feels like it will never improve, the feeling of a skimpy g-string could be more to your liking.

To summarize

If you get off the ground in wearing a thong for the first time in good standing, then the thong will feel like nothing to wear.

It should go unnoticed anyway, barely noticeable throughout the day with perhaps a quick reminder once in a while of the feeling of outerwear rubbing against your bum.

What it feels like to wear a thong can be challenging on the buttocks, as material that once covered your bum can now lead to rubbing, feeling the chill or a breeze - if in a skirt or dress - as there's no protective material layer.

But that thong strap that goes up the rear would ideally not be felt much at all.

It can take getting used to wearing a thong with the feeling of no material on the bum, but that little feeling of it riding up will also need time to adjust.

But never ever should a thong strap be uncomfortable as that's not how it suppose to work - a thong that is causing pain needs to be discarded.

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