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What's the point of thongs

Up to five reasons why a women would wear a thong, but more importantly it can be simply for the reason of comfort only.

What is the point of a thong is to assist in reducing or hiding panty lines under tight clothing. It could be thongs are more comfortable with less material, but no fabric in the rear can help eliminate wedgies or bunching up. To wear a NO VPL thong will be better, but so will a skin tone thong under see-through outfits.

Often its not necessary to find a point of wearing thongs, when they can be used much like any type of women's underwear, to cover the genitals with comfort in mind.

With a thong there is many common issues that can be overcome with ease; including VPL, seen-though clothing, outline of panties or wedgies and bunching up.

Simply wearing a thong can reduce all that or completely eliminate all issues in one go, but a correct fit thong needs to be worn.

Major reason to wear a thong over anything else is VPL; so wear a thong to remove lines that would otherwise show up on the bottom while wearing full briefs.

Next up is material on the rear is often unnecessary, leading to wedgies or bunching but can enhance the panty, thus causing it to be visible under pants or skirts.

However, none of that can be achieved if only to wear the wrong type of thong underwear under an outfit that is calling for a skin tone, VPL thong that is the correct rise.

While the whole point of wearing a thong is to keep underwear discreet, well the thong won't be if you don't match the low or high rise thong to the corresponding pants or skirt.

1. To avoid VPL at all costs

One major reason to wear a thong for many women is for eliminating VPL, or visible panty lines - which of course a thong is famous for achieving.

No other reason then avoiding visible panty lines is why a thong was bought and worn, and continues to be the number one reason for fashion conscious women.

So while the who point of wearing a thong is to achieve the goal of keeping panty lines discreet, it continues to be a trial and error process.

See its not a one thong fix all sort of situation, instead a thong can sometimes reveal more lines than regular, full brief underwear - so trying different panty types is a requirement.

What's the point of wearing a thong to only reveal to the world you are wearing a thong, right?

Its then essential that the thong is fitted in a way to hide lines, or why not consider a what is known as a NO VPL, or seamless thongs.

2. Chop off unnecessary material

To wear regular, full coverage panties one will not be too fussed about the extra fabric, often on the rear - which is common in other types of women's panties.

However, that full to moderate coverage can be troublesome in terms of comfort when the rear is rife in wedgies and bunching up.

What is worse is how panties can be visible under fitted clothing when the entire panty outline is clearly made out.

Cause of that is a tight panty, but it can simply be how your bottom is shaped.

So another point to wear a thong would be to hide the fact that a certain type of panty is worn, thus being visible to all with a keen eye.

It can occur in a thong also, but to wear a thong would help completely eliminate, or reduce the chance of the underwear shape being seen.

3. More comfortable than panties

Believe it all not a thong can absolutely be more comfortable than any of kind of women's panty - shape, rise and cut dependant.

Briefs tend to cause all sorts of trouble when there's more material than what's needed.

It can bunch up, wedge, twist or roll up and down, no thanks to how they are fitted around the waist or over the hips.

Not so much with a thong as the reduced material in the rear, and often on the sides will eliminate these common issues.

Its therefore safe to say once the correct thong is bought, a thong is more comfortable to wear over other types of panties.

Get the fit right up the rear in a soft, light and thin fabric - preferably 100% cotton - as to be onto a winning thong panty you'll become a loyal wearer too.

4. Too avoid wedgies

The point of thongs according to some women is to cause pain in wedgies, but in fact its quite the opposite.

Thongs are wedgy proof believe it all not so will reduce the likelihood of common wedgy causes.

Thongs are a narrow piece of fabric that rides up in-between the buttocks; unlike regular panties where a full wad of material is wedged.

Think about it, if a regular panty had only a strip of material wedged up there, without all that unnecessary material - its bound to be more comfortable.

And that is true as a thong is designed to go up the bum, whereas large, full coverage underwear will likely cause discomfort with any hint of a fabric creeping.

So to avoid wedgies, and in many respects, bunching up; women will wear a thong as a wedgy is not made possible.

5. No advertising what you wear

In wearing a regular panty, all kinds of things can happen that will reveal actually what kind of panties you are indeed wearing.

It can include the panty lines, shape, label, color or even the signature waistband.

For all that to be avoided the wearing of a thong, preferably in the seamless thong type in a matching skin tone, will deal with most issues.

See-through pants, skirts or dresses is quite common this day and age, so to wear a thong will prevent panties being seen.

But that is only if worn with a skin tone thong that is cut high or low to correspond to the outfit you happen to be wearing.

Final point of wearing a thong is to stop advertising full briefs to the word.

Point of thongs summary

Up to five reasons why a women should wear a thong at all costs, points being genuine concerns about fashion, or only for the point of being more comfortable.

To wear a thong a women would be concerned about panty lines, and unlike briefs its harder to get lines while wearing thongs.

Its still possible mind you, but through trial and error, the best type of thongs will be found.

Some women don't like too much fabric covering their genitals, or more specifically, her derriere.

So the thong cuts away unwanted material in the bum, which has benefits of avoiding wedgies, bunching up or simply feeling more free in the rear.

Often a point is not needed other than a thong can just be worn for more comfort.

In the end a thong does a marvelous job of keeping underwear discreet; to wear full coverage panties many issues cannot be avoided.

So the point of wearing a thong would be to: eliminate VPL, avoid wedgies or bunching up, stay comfortable, keep the underwear shape hidden - all while preventing panties being seen under see-through clothing.

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