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Why are thongs called g-strings

To call thongs g-strings is perfectly acceptable in most countries, but in others a thong can be a kind of flip-flop, so a thong has to be called a g-string.

Why thongs are called g-strings is that both terms can be used interchangeably in parts of the world. But in the US and UK for example its well known a thong is made up in more material, while a g-string is just that, string. You could be influenced to call it a thong or g-string, but it helps to distinguish the two.

If you hear a person call thongs only g-strings then that person probably doesn't realize there is a big difference between the two styles.

Thongs being called g-strings is normal for a Aussie or Kiwi for example, as the word thong means flip-flops in their respected countries.

To call a g-string a thong regardless of the style or type referred too, that person could just be brought up calling it one or the other.

But there is a huge difference between a thong and a g-string in that thongs can appear to be normal full panties, while a g-string is made up with a stringy waistband connected to a smaller panel covering the crotch.

Names are interchangeable

To many people, usually the older generation, thongs and g-strings are the same thing, in fact I would agree, they are the same thing in many respects.

Many people will use the names interchangeably while unable to distinguish the two styles, which are different in many ways.

While thongs can appear to be full panties in the front and the sides, a thong is much fuller in the rear, including the strap that goes up.

G-strings are not so, instead the overall appearance is an upside triangle panel in the front and a smaller patch in the rear - connected with a elastic string waistband.

To hear a person say a thong or g-string, they may actually be referring to one or the other, but it could mean anything to a lot of people.

Feel free to use thong/g-string interchangeably but likewise people won't know what the difference is - if you describe one as being different.

Grew up to say g-string or thong

If you happen to be a person who calls thongs g-strings, its likely you simply grew up calling thongs g-strings.

Nothing wrong with that but when you only hear for example parents referring to butt floss panties as g-strings, its all you would be saying.

What else can influence your chosen term, is your friends or the people in your social group.

Its therefore normal to simply call all types of thongs g-strings regardless, believing there is no difference between the two.

Being young is one way you'll continue to follow your peers, but as you become a young adult while caring about your appearance, you may notice the thong and g-string are promoted as different kind of panties.

Much like the cheeky is different to Brazilian or French panties, but are still cheeky.

Can depend on person

So in the end it can really depend on the person, though for them to distinguish the two can sometimes help in conversation, especially if you are shopping for thongs.

There's no hard or fast rules, if you've been calling thongs g-strings, or vice-versa - then continue too if its not disrupting conversation.

I personally prefer to call them what they are, so thongs have fuller body so therefore they are called thong - while g-strings are stringier so it makes more sense to call them g-strings.

Confusion is possible without referring to the two correctly.

For example wanting g-strings for a certain outfit to only then be bought a much fuller thong can be seen more under an outfit when that wasn't the intention.

To make things a little more complicated, for Americans a g-string can be called a v-string, no difference really as the name was inherited by the brand Victoria's Secret.

Local term or slang

Did you know thongs can mean something else in the world, so would always be referred to as g-strings - such as in Australia and New Zealand for example.

To call a thong in either country would have the Aussie's or Kiwi's believing you are talking about flip-flops, and not the thong underwear.

Though it has to be said Australians and New Zealanders are not so close minded that they can't figure it out for themselves; when a Brit or American is in fact talking about panties - or knickers is what they call panties.

Likewise, in France they will call a g-string simply as a string, without the g.

While in Spanish speaking countries a thong would be called a tanga, such as in Spain, Mexico or Argentina.

However in Britain and the US a thong is just that, while a g-string can mean a skimpier, stringy thong - but the names can be used to describe one or the other.

To summarize

To call a thong and g-string interchangeably, you'd probably be a older British or American - while the younger generation can distinguish the two.

Thongs are fuller using more material while the g-string is made up mostly of strings connecting the front panel.

Its normal to call thongs g-strings or vice-versa if you simply grew up not knowing the difference, and many people still don't realize.

But in the end it really depends on the person, but confusion can occur between a person in the know, and someone who has no clue.

To which that would be a good opportunity to educate them on the difference between a thong and a g-string.

Why thongs are called g-strings can apply to a specific country only, with the term thong meaning something else.

Thongs mean flip-flops in Australia so you would only refer to thongs as g-strings.

Likewise, a thong is not call a thong in Spanish speaking countries, but more so a tanga.

Where it gets confusing is in English speaking countries such as the UK and US; names can be interchangeable, but for younger, fashion conscious women they know there is a fundamental difference in design.

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