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Women holding onto her thong waistband

Why do girls like wearing thongs

You're wondering why do girls like wearing thongs as you may not have tried them yourself, or its quite possible you plan to in the future.

Why girls wear thongs is for the purpose of avoiding VPL; they soon realise thongs are comfortable after all so will continue to wear them. Benefits soon tell as not only lines disappear; there's no wedgies or bunching up as most outfits can now be worn, well before VPL made it difficult.

Reason why you want to know why girls like to wear thongs can only contribute to how you think a thong can be comfortable.

That is completely understandable as thongs do look uncomfortable with a strip of material wedged up the butt.

While you can get discomfort from the wrong fit thong - as you would in full briefs - thongs are intended to go up there as oppose to being forced into a place they don't belong.

Between the butt cheeks allows for some wiggle room in terms of a strip of material; so a thong will fit comfortably without causing you trouble.

Try a thong that is made in soft cotton, has stretch with a thicker thong strip and you'll soon see for yourself.

Girls won't wear something up there butts all day if it was uncomfortable; so the reason a thong is worn is for comfort with the bonus of avoiding VPL.

Thong are comfortable

The wearing off thongs cannot be matched for no other reason than for comfort; so despite the scare stories of discomfort or wedgies, its couldn't be farther from the truth.

Why girls like to wear thong is not straight up about thongs at first; as they try thongs for the first time thinking they will be uncomfortable.

Its only in due course that most girls will change there minds after realising how comfortable thongs can be.

Sure there are thongs that can kill you, though there are thongs that feel as if you're not wearing anything - and that's how they should always feel.

Bad thong example are those that are made in unfamiliar material rather than being made in no stretch or soft cotton body.

With reputable thongs by Hanky Panky being straight up comfortable, though expensive.

Thongs prevent VPL

Number one reason why girls like wearing thongs is all to do with VPL, or visible panty lines showing up under clothing.

If you're not familiar with VPL, its when the lines, or seams of the underwear is visible through the material of pants, trousers, skirts, dresses or jeans.

Not much can be done about it other than a girl wearing a thong to help reduce or move the lines into a place that it not seen - namely between the bum cheeks.

The wearing of thongs is a big reason for avoiding VPL and is a simple solution where other types of knickers or panties won't reduce lines, but only increase the likelihood of VPL being shown.

So pop on thong and all trouble related to panty lines are washed away in an instant.

Stops bunching

Other than VPL or comfort factors, bunching up caused by regular underwear most women become accustom too can get more harder to wear.

That's especially true as new underwear are tried or thrown away, so as the fit can be found, trying a thong might just help with the awkwardness.

Awkwardness that may of lead from bunching of panties worn under tight fitted pants or skirts, so are sure not to be an ideal match.

Where thongs help over regular underwear is that bunching up or twisting material of panties is removed where it would otherwise be on full coverage panties.

Not so with thongs as the material on the butt is now gone and transformed into your bum.

Benefits to the wearer is its now easier to put on a tight pair of leggings, yoga pants or jeans without the annoying material of knickers riding up as you put them on.

No unexpected wedgies

Most girls will have to put up with wedgies in full coverage panties over the course of there lives, with little being done other than trying different styles.

That won't be much good if all you're doing is trying one full brief panty to the next; you have to make drastic changes to avoid wedgies.

Here is where the thong helps in regards to avoiding wedgies; and while it may seem like it won't - thongs are a really big help for wedgy avoidance

And here's why that is...

Thong are made to go up the bum as oppose to being forced up there by accident.

Full coverage underwear has a wedge of material that ends up all wedged up the bum, thongs on the otherhand are intended to position themselves up there thanks to the thin thong strap, so therefore less material.

Tight fitted bottoms can be worn

Once you've reached your teens, clothing choices change as you become more fashion conscious than you were months earlier.

Back than wearing full briefs under shell we say, under more age appropriate clothing was not an issue as clothing wasn't so tight - so then you couldn't care less about VPL.

That also goes for back then VPL wasn't an issue, well don't things change quickly; girls are now talking about VPL allt the time, and so does the mention of thongs.

So as you make changes to your closet, clothing is now fitted such as jeans, fitted pants, leggings and the all popular yoga pants.

And believe us thongs should be worn with yoga pants or leggings if you can help it.

If the continuation of wearing full briefs under clothing such as these; then those girls will be the subject of teasing with big panty lines.

Only way to avoid that trouble is switching to thongs whether they like it or not; so well girls wear thongs, they don't necessarily like them.

Secretly hate wearing thongs

You can't assume all girls or women who wear thongs enjoy doing so as the reasoning behind wearing a thong could only be for fashion purposes only.

Namely riding themselves of embarrassing VPL or bunching up under tight clothing.

Some girls like wearing thongs well other don't so much; but its about finding a middle ground for the soul reason of hiding lines or possibly more comfort.

Thongs are not worn exclusively either, it could be that thongs are worn with certain outfits in the day, while wearing more coverage when lazing around the house.

So if you find yourself wearing thongs, you may not feel comfortable doing so wearing thongs everyday as you might only wear them when or as they're needed.


So while many girls like to wear thongs for comfort, fashion, VPL or to avoid bunching up if wearing full briefs under tight clothing, not all girls like thongs.

Well the girls who don't like wearing thongs still do; it may only be for a short period or time as they change out of thongs and into there regular underwear when its not needed.

When wearing fitted pants, skirts or jeans, a thong is a must; so whether you like thongs or g-strings or not, it might only be the solution at the time.

If a girl is wearing a thong, the soul purpose might only be for VPL only.

And while the wearing of thongs does work, it might not do the trick either; so at the time the last resort will result in a thong.

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