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Sitting women exposing pink lace thong over pants

Reasons why NOT to wear thongs

If you feel you should wear a thong but finding reasons not too, you've come to the right place as I outline my thought on why you should not wear a thong.

Reasons why not to wear a thong can be for unnecessary hassle. Thongs are used to avoid VPL, but did you know you can still get lines. Menstruating in a thong is difficult and so is with poor bowel movement. Likelihood of exposing the bum is possible in a skirt and so is revealing the thong over pants.

I understand your need to find a reason not to wear thongs; you either cannot wear a thong at this time, or you have no desire to wear one but there's peer pressure.

Let me tell you while there's many reasons to wear a thong, there's opposing views that are genuine, with the use of a thong serving no point other than to be a lot of hassle.

Number one reason a women wears a thong is to avoid VPL; well let me tell you its still possible to get panty lines while wearing a thong.

And then there's the thong showing over pants, thus creating the whale tail thong effect.

Moreso, its a little troublesome wearing a thong on your period as pads are hard to fix to the narrow gusset - but there is ways around it if you're preferred to learn.

To wear a loose skirt or dress is riskier, and not because its windy; did you know simply walking can flip up the skirt, thus flashing the bum and thong simultaneously.

More trouble is remaining sanitary while wearing thong, as the thong with a poor standard of hygiene soon unravels.

Reasons why not to wear thongs is explain below, but what is not mentioned is when or when not to wear thongs all day, everyday and when its OK to sleep in thong if you can.

1. VPL still present in thongs

Probably the biggest factor for any female wanting to wear a thong is when she finally develops a desire to keep panty lines discreet.

Known as visible panty lines in regular panties, VPL is a cause of concern for fashion conscious women - so its inevitable that she'd soon focus on the need to wear thongs.

If you haven't realised already, the dreaded VPL can still exist in thongs, or even in the skimpier g-string kind despite all its benefits of being tinier.

To wear any type of thong underwear is likely to have a fancy trim or a seam stitched in such a way, that the edging can protrude through outerwear.

Hence its no longer technically called VPL, but rather VTL, meaning visible thong line.

So all that trouble in wearing thongs to help keep panty lines away, can still happen with the best NO VPL focused thong - as its a seamless thong with no stitching.

2. Difficulty while menstruating

Why you might want to avoid transitioning to a thong is during your period, as you soon take to thongs, no sooner it becomes complication.

Make no mistake you can wear a thong on your period with little trouble, but that can only applies if you have light periods only.

Its gets a little messy when experimenting with what menstruation products to use, while finally settling on a pad, tampon or special thong panty liner made to fit thong gussets.

While most females will suffer more with a medium or heavier period, the ideal of using a pad or liner - or perhaps both - is not a possibility.

Reason why not to wear thongs is having to deal with learning to wear a thong with a pad and while possiblilty - what a big deal it really is.

You'd soon come to realise, like many women do, is simply wearing full panties again is the only option.

So wearing thongs on your period can happen, but it becomes pointless as you only find yourself wearing panties again.

3. No upset tummy protection

Know that this problem is less troublesome but when the issue arises, its a big one. That is getting an upset tummy while wearing a thong.

I am of course talking about diarrhoea but for most that won't ever happen.

But if it was to the thong will not be able to give you the sort of support a full brief can, thus diarrhoea will leak.

Maintaining a healthy bowel movement will sure stop this ever becoming an issue, but it can happen to a small percentage.

Its not just about physically pooping one's self either, its all about feeling secure.

In having tummy trouble from an illness or if you're at the recovery stage, or on the lead up to it - the wearing of thongs will make you feel insecure.

In wearing panties that fully cover the bottom, you'd at least be in the mind of if it was to ever happen - at least you stand a chance.

4. Bum visible while changing

If you're highly insecure about your body but change in front of other people regardless, the ideal of exposing your bum to a group of strangers can be a scary thought.

So imagine you're a little shy, you're wearing a thong for the first time and about to get change in front of your peers - be it strangers or a group of friends at school.

What could be going through your head at this time is people will see my bum.

Other than that you could have a mindset of what people think; the wearing of a thong in front of other females who are not thong wearers themselves, could lead to nasty words.

Not really mind you and while it can happen, that is what you might have going through your head.

Result of that is getting undressed in front of a group while keeping your bare bum from being seen - and that is no easy task I can tell you.

So then you end up going through the trouble of either sitting on the bench with your bum firmly sat on it - or you move into a toilet stall to change in private.

Simply wearing full panties or the kind more commonly seen while undressing, will prevent you ever having to deal with such trivia.

5. Accidental BUTT flash

Now this is a rare problem but a serious one nevertheless; for it to happen to you, you'd have to be wearing a loose, above the knee skirt or dress.

The accidental butt flash can happen in the most expected circumstances.

No wind or jumping around required but the simple task of walking can lead to the skirt or dress flipping up, thus exposing your bum and thong.

If you don't believe me Google celebs skirt flash, its exactly the kind of thing that gets photographed by them, and so can happen to you.

To flash your bum in a skirt while wearing panties is different; while your underwear is seen, its harder to know if it is indeed panties as it can match the color of the skirt.

Not so in a thong as the skin tone is obvious to all against the backdrop of a bright and colorful skirt or dress.

But of course accidentally exposing your thong and bum can happen in little wind or if you get involved in just a little bit of activity.

6. Dreaded whale tail thong

You might of heard it called this many moons ago but the reference to whale tail thong is the way the thong becomes visible over the waistband of jeans, skirts or pants.

The name whale tail refers to just that, the shape of a whale's tail breaching the water.

And if you've ever seen a women's thong protruding over her pants, you might come to realise it can indeed appear to look like a whale's tail.

Today, as it was a decade a go when women would purposely reveal their thongs over low rise jeans - can still happen to any thong wearer years later.

Less so mind you as its not a fashionable thing to do now, nor is it easy to do with the trend dictating high waisted jeans, skirts and pants.

But when the thong does reveal itself in this way, its not a moment that goes unnoticed.

Depending on the color of the thong you're wearing, it can be seen a mile away against the pale or dark skin of the buttocks.

Thongs want to reveal themselves as the elasticated waistband stays put, whereas a full panty prefers to move with the waistband - so is less likely to reveal itself.

7. Never get used too thongs

I am not necessarily talking about comfort because a thong can be very comfortable, but the thong fit can still make itself known.

By that I mean the wearing of a thong all day can be felt under clothing in a way that is an unusual feeling.

It might not be too bad in terms of causing issues, but it can be unbearable if you don't yet know that thongs are comfortable, so you should never feel it.

You'd be more aware you're wearing a thong while wearing a loose skirt of dress.

The feeling is a strange one as the material rubs against the skin, so will a chilly wind be felt as it hits the buttocks, but this feeling will soon get used too over time.

Truth is that feeling can be felt in any loose fitted clothing, but moreso in skirts or dresses.

In wearing more fitted clothing such as yoga pants or leggings, jeans or even a pencil skirt - the outfit will offer more of a secure feeling, doubling up as it presses the material against the bum where the thong is missing.

So while thongs can be comfortable and never felt, they can be felt even if its not an intolerable - if it is then its time to throw the thong.

8. Unravel POOR hygiene

If you find yourself wearing thongs for the first time, one issue that might not of come up quite yet, but soon will is poor personal hygiene.

I have to say even with amazing personal hygiene, the likelihood of staining your thong from poop - or sometimes pee - is a real possibility.

When wearing full panties it is still a cause of concern keeping them clean, as the feeling of stains can feel quite yucky to carry around with you.

But in a thong it can feel worse as you feel more nasty knowing you don't do a good job at wiping and therefore cleaning up after going to the bathroom.

So to wear a thong without a high standard of personal hygiene, it will reveal itself on the gusset of your thong moreso than a big panty.

On the plus side a person who realises this soon after improves her hygiene; in doing so is a lot of trouble though if you're not up to it.

Don't wear a thong if you're not preferred to get stains on the gusset; its takes time to keep thongs clean and a real desire to be more hygienic.

9. Worried what people think

If you're involved around a group of people who don't normally wear thongs, you could find yourself worrying what they think about your new underwear choices.

Example of that is a girl in high school sharing a changing room with a group of her peers who don't wear thongs while changing, or don't wear thongs at all.

So the pressure builds on you to keep the wearing of the thong discreet and a secret, as to avoid an awkward conversation.

If you're a young adult living at home then your thong could become visible at some point, so unless you don't want your mom or sister for example to say anything, the pressure is on to keep it quiet.

Less so an issue to a mature women but you can be worried what friends or family might say if they find out you're wearing a thong.

Self confidence is the key to wearing a thong and quite frankly not caring what people think.

To believe that you would need to be wearing a thong like a pro with months or over a year of practice. Then it becomes second nature as you don't care what people think or really care if your thong is seen.

10. Not age appropriate

Finally, and this is directed at say girls under 14 years old, or perhaps those up to 18 years and living at home.

Why you should not wear a thong is if you're considered too young to wear thongs as said by your parents.

When a girl can wear a thong is a matter between her mom and herself, but if you feel the need to want to buy and thong and keep it hidden from parents, then perhaps its time to wait.

If you are say 12 to 14 years old and don't feel the need to wear a thong, but instead feeling you have to due to peer pressure, then try to put it off for now.

I've mentioned so far reasons why not to wear thongs, with many being a lot of hassle.

So just imagine if you can avoid the fuss for a couple of more years until you're old enough, or giving expressed permission by mom to wear thongs later down the road.

Thongs can be worn by younger girls but at this age lack of maturity can set you back.

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